SHEBA® has never been a brand for just anybody. Rather a distinguished brand for only those who have a strong inner connection with their cats. What appears to many as an exaggeration, or even a form of decadence, is simply the fulfilment of a desire of the heart: finally there's a cat food with which one can indulge their beloved on a daily basis.

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We believe that all dogs should get good, nutritional food and have a loving home. These are the two most important things we aim to achieve every day at PEDIGREE®. All of our dedication, passion and love for dogs go into every single product that we make. We hope that you notice the difference, we are sure that your dog will.

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CESAR® delivers tasty and wholesome recipes made with the best ingredients. Treat your loving companion to our healthy and tasty meals and love him back.

Meet Laura Pletz, Scientific Services Manager

Claim to fame: Even though 8 of 10 veterinary students are women, they’re still underrepresented when it comes to occupying leadership positions. We’re proud of #WomenOfMars like Laura, who led a team that hosted Royal Canin’s first-ever Women’s Veterinary Leadership Forum.

Her hero: “My mentor when I was young was my math teacher, who was also my mother. I assumed it was common for women to have jobs in STEM.”

Dedicated, Quality Care Is Not a Pet Project

Pets make our world better, and that’s why we’re working to create a better world for them. But delivering veterinary care can be complex. Pets can’t tell you what they’re feeling … or where it hurts … or what caused their symptoms. 

So several years ago, our Banfield Pet Hospital set out on a quality journey, something never done on this scale in veterinary medicine. We began by launching our Quality Declaration — a statement of our commitment to quality and a call to action for each of our Associates to:

We Keep Pet Health and Nutrition Top of Mind

At Mars Petcare, our nutrition philosophy is central to our strategic purpose to make A Better World for Pets™. It reflects our respect for pets and the importance of the foods we make. Mars Petcare has always taken pet nutrition seriously. In 2010, we codified our guiding principles for pet food and nutrition. This philosophy builds on our historical approach and demonstrates our commitment to continuing to lead in the world of pet nutrition and care in the future.