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The Cost of Caring: Reducing Veterinary Student Debts
We’re committed to creating a better world for pets — starting with reducing the financial barriers that veterinary students face.

Anyone who dedicates their life to caring for pets is a friend of ours. We’re committed to easing the financial burden associated with veterinary studies — so students can focus on doing what they do best: delivering high-quality, compassionate veterinary care.

Vets are the people on the front lines, working to treat, nurture and care for the pets we love so dearly. However, just like medical doctors who treat us, veterinarians graduate with a large amount of student loan debt — an average of $167,000 according to the American Veterinary Medical Association. That’s why we created Banfield’s Veterinary Student Debt Relief Program.

Our ambition is twofold: Not only do we want to promote the financial health and wellbeing of our veterinarians by helping to relieve the significant financial burdens they face, we also want to inspire other dedicated pet people to enter the field, those who might otherwise be discouraged due to the student debt they'll acquire.

Banfield’s industry-leading Veterinary Student Debt Relief Program includes three options for eligible Associates:

  • A $150 monthly student loan contribution paid directly by Banfield toward qualifying educational loans
  • A low-interest refinancing option with supplementary 0.25% interest-rate reduction
  • A one-time $2,500 payment, for a maximum of $10,000, for each qualifying Banfield student program before graduation

You can’t create a better tomorrow for pets if there aren’t enough veterinarians to treat them today. For more information on this program, visit

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